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Posters will be presented in a specific timeslot during day 1 of the conference (8th of september) from 15:45 to 16:15.

We share the included posters below:

(48) Andrea Fuentes, Maite Román, Isabel Mª Cáceres, Mª Carmen Moreno, & Jesús Palacios

Longitudinal mentoring of the trajectories of a group of boys and girls through the child protection system: Analysis of the experience in foster care

(20) Camille Buisson, Karine Poitras & Anne-Élodine Miousse

The Risk of Risk in Child Sexual Abuse: Judicial Decision Analysis

(23) Emma Castro, Eunice Magalhães & Jorge Del Valle

Uncovering the black box: A systematic review of the non-specific and specific treatment factors associated with psychopathology in TRC

(43) Judit Rabassa & Nuria Fuentes-Peláez

“Is group intervention effective at improving kinship care families outcomes?” - A systematic review 

(50) Nuria Funtes-Peláez, Judit Rabassa & Gemma Crous

"Play & Talk: The magic cards of foster care" - A gamified interview tool to encourage children in foster care to express their experiences

(47) Nuria Molano, Esperanza León, Jesús M. Jiménez-Morago & Maite Román

Analysis of caregiver-child interactions in family-based care: implications for intervention

(9) Ruibing Sha

Disenfranchised grief– long-term foster carers’ experiences of placement endings 

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